Hints for the Genealogist

Write letters/emails, letters/emails and even more letters/emails.
Read member's interest lists, stray certificates - or other things that may resemble the name you are researching.
When you visit another town, visit the Cemetery
Visit the family history section of the library
Do not despair when you are stuck - just keep trying
When emailing include your postal address
When requesting information, include a business size self addressed envelope as well
Use lists on the Internet and email as well, to find contacts with your family tree branch
Do not forget to use 'favourites'
Always offer to pay on return mail to cover expenses.
Use the Internet, it's one of the best ways to gather information. Warning – but be careful and make sure the information is impeccably sourced back to primary certificates.


We swap magazines with many other genealogy groups through out Australia.
Please check our magazine cupboard, they may help solve your family mystery.