Benalla Family Research Group Inc.

Research Tips for Family Research

How to get started on your search.

Start with yourself and family records such as birth, christenings, marriage, or death certificate. Use family stories as a base for verification of events.

Family school records, photos, awards, and service records, deeds, family bibles. Obituary notices, diaries, letter and cards, etc.

You can obtain information from the Records Office, census returns, military / navy records, probate records, land and property (titles), Church records, naturalisation records, court and inquest records, shipping records (overseas and inwards), newspapers (state or local library), history groups.

Visit family history groups and museums to get an understanding of their daily lives and the hardships your family endured. Visiting cemeteries and the reading the headstones can give you lots of information.

Our group exchanges newsletters with other groups and can share the pitfalls of sending for information and that feeling of hitting the brick wall.

Information that may be found on Certificates.

Birth Certificates: name of person; name of father, his age, birthplace, and previous issue; name of mother her age, maiden name birthplace; place and date; married, place and date; occupation.

Marriage Certificates: date and place of marriage; ages and birthplace; parents of the bride; parents of the groom.

Death Certificates: name and date of death; place of death; occupation; sex and age; place of birth, time in Australia; father's name, his occupation; mother's name, place of marriage; ages at marriage; name of spouse; children of marriage, informants name, ages of children; cause of death; length of illness, medical attendant, minister and religion, undertaker; witnesses; where registered.

Compare this information against other records you may have.

Birth to School
Adoption papers; Awards; Baby Book; Birth Certificate; Baptismal / Christening records; Graduation papers; Guardianship papers; Honor rolls; Reports; School photos; Schoolbooks / Diaries.

Anniversary Announcements; Confirmation; Invitations; Wedding Announcements; Wedding Book/photo album; Transcripts.

Divorce papers

Eulogy; Funeral Notice; Memorial notices; Obituary; Inquests.

Every Day Life
Financial details; Income Tax records; Letters /Cards /Postcards; Biography; Diary; Journal; Will.

Apprenticeship paper; Awards; Retirement Records; Union records.

Military Records
Entry/ discharge; Medical Records; Regiment/ Squadron; Service / Ribbons Medals; Service Records; Severance details.

Land and Property Deeds
Estate record; Leases; Mortgages; Titles; Mining rights; Water rights.

Bible; Coat of Arms; Family Trees; Newspaper articles; Autograph books; Birthday books; Family photos.

Health Centre records; Hospital records; Pharmacy records.

Citizenship papers
Convict Records; Deportment papers; Naturalization papers; Passports.

Business; Professional; Visa; Drivers; Firearms/Hunting License

Household Items
Engraved Items; Handcrafts; Silverware/ China.

Summary of some of the group's records

  • Cemetery Records
  • Church Records
  • Baptism Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Rate Books
  • Genealogical Records
  • Directories
  • Shipping Books
  • Family Histories
  • North Eastern Books
  • School Registers
  • District Maps
  • Photographs
  • Electoral Rolls
  • 'Benalla' Newspapers; Microfiche and CD's; Newspaper Index Cards; Births; Deaths; Marriage's Forms (Australia Wide);
  • The Benalla Family Research has the Benalla Ensign from 1965 to 2016 available for look ups.
  • Magazines from many Groups.

Resources are continually being updated- Check with our Librarian.