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Book Title
Eaglehawk Sketchbook
J.a. Maher
Sketch Book of A Golden Past
Earlier Northern Territory Recollections
Charles A.v Priest
As Per Title
Earlt History St James Police Station
As Per Title-History
Early Days on the Bogan.
L.a Unger
History and Settlers of Bogan
Early days on the Clarence, NSW
River Histo's Clarence
As Per Title
Early Edition Australia [1800-1899]
19th Century News & Genealogy
Early Families of Shepparton & District
Fam Hist Shep'ton
As Per Title
Early Families of Shepparton & District
Betty Foster
History of Early Shepparton Families
Early Glen Iris
Early History Of Swanpool & Miscellaneous Files
Ensign Benalla
As Per Title
Early Mission Work At Antwerp
A.b Werner
Ebenezer Mission History
Early Pioneer Families of Victoria & Riverina
Alexander Henderson
A Genealogical & Biographical Records
Early Waverley
Early Years. The Mildura Irrigation Settlement
East Gippsland Past and Present
As Per Title-History
East India Ships
Ships List
Echoes of the Past- A Sea Captain Remembers
Captain of The Barque "Socrates" Story
Edi Primary School No. 2464 [>Mar 1997]
Edmund & Thomas LOOBY families
Education in Thalia District. [ 1878-1947]
Committee Thalia Schl
School History
Edward Prince of Wales [16-Aug-20]
A Letter To Children
Edward the Seventh
David Butler
Story of Edward The Peacemaker
Edward THISTLETON Convict
Donal Dwyer
Edward THISTLETON Family History
Edwardian England (The way things were)
Andrew Pagett
Edwardian English History
Edwardian Index B.D.M.s [1902-1913]
Eildon. The Whole Dam Story
History of Eildon Weir
Eileen The Life of Eileen O"Connor
Eldorado's Golden Ship
Ken Greene
Eldorado's Dredge In N.E. Victoria
Election Day
Electoral Roll Division of Indi [1952]
As Per Title
Electoral Roll NSW [1960]
As Per Title
Electoral Roll-Menzies [1989]
Elect Comm Australian
Bulleen, Mitcham Templestowe & Heidleberg
Eleventh Presentation Night B.T.S. Dec 1972 [1972]
Benalla T.s.
School Magazine
Elizabeth SCOTT
Anne Hanson
First of Five Women Hanged in Victoria
Elizabeth SCOTT Story
SCOTT- First Woman Hung In Victoria
Ellen KELLY Revised Edition
Gary Dean
Story As Told by Ellen KELLY
Ellen-A Woman of Spirit
Noelene Allen
Ellen Kelly's Story
Fay Howard
Emerald Strand The
End Of An Era [1983-1999]
Stuart Grant
History of Benalla Rose City Band
End Of An Era-St Brigids
Greta Church Closure Sandpiper Newspaper
Endurance and Motivation "Survives"
Engine Houses Cornwell
English Census 1851 Some for Stroud & Gloucester [1851]
Stroud & Gloucestershire
English Census, some 1891 & 1901
1891 & 1901 Miscellaneous Areas & Information
English Gardens
Harry Roberts
Beautiful Gardens of England
English Lakeland
District Area Map of Cumbria
Erddig, Clwyd
Trust U.k. National
A Place Of Historical Interest or Natural Beauty
Ernest Alfred SIMMONDS
War Time Information
Ernest Alfred STRAUGHAIR
Misc Items-Former Lord Mayor who ran -Airforce Flying Sch
Ernest Alfred STRAUGHAIR
Life As Per Title
Escape from Port Arthur
Essential WW1 & WW2 Battlefields
Guide to WW1 & WW2 Battlefields
Establishing a School
Eureka Stockade [1854]
Richard Butler
Ballarat Diggings & Uprising
Eureka-Gold & Greivances
B & B Stamp
As Per Title-Gold Graft
Euroa Cuttings File
Miscellaneous Newspaper Cuttings
Evandale Heritage Walk & Info
History Walk & Other Information
Evandale To Launceston Convict Water Scheme [1835-1838]
Hist Soc Evandale
Convict Water Scheme
Evolution of Hockey
Executions at Old Melbourne Goal [1841]
Trust Vict National
As Per Title
Executions in England 1806-1895 [1806-1895]
As Per Title
Exeter Ordnance Survey
Exhibition of Coronation Robes Aust 1938 [1938]
Govt Australian
Souvenir of Title
Exploring Cornwall-1
Extra Stray Certificates
Joan Hooper
Birth Death and Marriage Stray Certificates
Eylam Plague [1665-1666]
John Clifford
History, List of Victims