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Book Title
Fabulous Fashion. 1907-67 [1907-1967]
Useful For Dating Photographs
Faithful [1963]
Tech Benalla
Benalla Technical School Magazine
Faithful Party's Adventure at Broken River
Faithful- Benalla Technical Shool [1964]
Benalla T.s.
School Magazine
Faithful- Benalla Technical Shool [1963]
Benalla T.s.
School Magazine
Faithfull Massacre [1835]
Judy Bassett
An Account of Massacre
Faithfull Massacre. Reports & Bibliography
S Wren
The Massacre of FAITHFUL Expedition & Repression
Family & Local History Indexes In Victoria
Wendy Baker
Church, Land, Ships etc
Family & Local History Sources in Victoria
Hedley Brown
As Per Title
Family Heraldry & Historical Ireland
As Per Title, Heraldry & History
Family Histories & Re-unions
Joan Hooper
As Per Title
Family Histories Miscellaneous
As Per Title
Family Histories Miscellaneous
As Per Title
Family Histories News Cuttings
Joan Hooper
As Per Title
Family History Chart-CURRIE/CURRY
CURRIE Family History
Family History MacAULAY
Family History Notebook-How to Find Occupational Records
Cora Nunn
As Per Title
Family History Research for Dummies
Family Journeys
Family Life. Love & Marriage in Old Australia. The Centenery Collection
Family Notes of Convicts. Shirley CLEELAND (nee Jensen)
Family Research
Joan Hooper
As Per Title
Family Search LDS various countries
Worldwide Research
Family Trees of Culliford Hawkins Abbott
Farewell To The Heather [1837-1840]
James Donaldson
Government Assisted Emigrants -Scotland to N.S.W.
Farmers From Trade & Business Listed People [1869-1879]
Federation Index B.D.M.s [1889-1901]
Federation Project
Articles Of People & Historic Events
FELDTMANN Family Miscellanous
Newspaper Reunion Items , Tree etc FELDTMANN
Female Factory Launceston [1885]
As Per Title-A Map & Info
Fencible Bugle's
Newsletters With Helpful Info on New Zealand
Fenland Waterways - England
Michael Roulstone
Pictures & Stories Of Title
Ferguson Coat of Arms
Fern Hills School
Info Plus Photos District Schools
Ferries of Sydney
Fete Book Benalla 31 [1976-1979]
Mother's Club Fete Book
Feudal Coats of Arms
Joseph Foster
Field, Lewis, Ginnivan Family History
Financial Statements Of Artists Guild [1977-2001]
As Per Title
Find Your Ancestors
A Guide to Family Historians
Finding my Great Great Grandfathers Photograph
R.f Howells
Useful Photographic Information
Finding Out About The Early Russians
Tamara Talbot/rice
As Per Title
Finding Yorick's Death Entry & Beyond
How to find New Zealand -Deaths & Burials
Fire Related Miscellaneous
Fire. A Century of Automatic Sprinkler Protection
First Fleet Families
C.j. Smee
List of First Fleeters & Descendants
First of the Clan.- Carey family [1821>]
J.l Carey
Story of The CAREY Family
First Settlement of the Upper Murray
Dr Arthur Andrews
Documentation of Settlement
Fitzroy Lost & Found History in Photos
Flags -Of the world
David Carey
Flags of The World
Flight Path
Magazines On Military Plans
Flora SCOBIE [1848]
First White Women In West Goulburn
Florence NIGHTINGALE Trail
Her Life Story
Following the Famous in Cornwall
Footscray Cemetery Register [>1890]
As Per Title
For God & Gold. History of Cole Family, Lincolnshire
For God's Sake Send The Trackers
Gary Presland
History of Queensland Trackers & Victorian Police
Forest and Field [1840-1990]
Joan E Hunt
History of Ross Creek
Forest in Old Photographs. The
FORGE/POULTER Family History
Kaye Patterson
FORGE, POULTER Family History
Formation of Cornish Place names The
Forty Years in the Wilderness
John Chandler
CHANDLER Family History
Forum Benalla-Adult Education [1991]
Annual Report
Frederick KELLAM Family History
Frederick KELLAM& Hilda JENSEN
Frederick LUDEMAN & Hermine Von OVEN [1854 - 1989]
LUDEMAN & Van OWEN Family History
Free Serbian Orthodox Church
Notes of Church And Photographs
FREITAG Family Folder
FREITAG Descendants & Thomas HILL Descendants
Friends of The Botanical Gardens [199,519,962,000]
From 16,000 to Five Acres
From a Paddock At The Friendlies
Peter Jewell
A History of Benalla Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club
From Baddaginnie to Shepp East-A Revised edition
From Baddaginnie to Shepparton East
Roz Hunt
COOK Family History
From Barton to Bruce. The Melbourne Prime Ministers [1901-1927]
Brian Coston
The Melbourne Prime Ministers
From Benalla Blacksmith Boy To Fancy Pastrycook of Malvern
Norman Hy Fisher
From Burnt creek to Locksley
From Goldrush to Federation
From Hargest to ARGUS
Bob Argus
ARGUS Family Australia & N.Z.
From Hell To Paradise
From Muscle Brook to Muswellbrook.
History Of Musclebrook Distirct-NSW
From Petition to Partition. The Shire of Violet Town 1895-1994 in Profile [1895-1994]
Ron Michaels
The Shire Of Violet Town
From Stockyards to Streets
From Sump Oil To Dust
From Swampland to Farmland
David Roberts
History of Koo-Wee-Rup
From the Bread and Treacle Days [1885-1985]
Netherby-100 years
From the Day of Old Longwood
Fromelles & Pozieres
Peter Fitzsimmons
In the Trenches of Hell
Frontier Country
Outback Heritage Stories
Frontier Country
Outback Heritage Stories
Frontline Dispatches [1845-1872]
Australians at War-WW1 & WW2-Vietnam
Further Northern Terriotry Recollections
Charles A.v Priest
As Per Title
Further Out
Irving W.a. Winter
Australian Outback Stories