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Book Title
Rabaul's Forgotten Fleet
Peter Stone
Story of Ships Sunk in Rabaul's Harbour
Rags to Riches - Ships California to Sydney [1849-1852]
Pamela Sheldon
Passengers & Ships California to Sydney
Rail Link Memories
Albury-Wodonga Area
Railway Employees Victoria [1850]
Gazette Govt
Railway Miscellaneous
Newspaper Cuttings and Information
Railway To Burrinjuck
Sue Chessbrook
As Per Title
Railways & Pastures
Ralph Joyce and Mary Middleton
James Tucker
Story Of a Convict to N.S.W.
RAMAGE Family Tree + Index
Pauline Ramage
RAMAGE Family History
Recently Affected Land Sales
Affected land sales etc
Reclaiming the Past
Ian Penney
Local History Reports & Guidelines
Recollections of a Victorian Police Officer
John Sadler
Ballarat, Beechworth, Melb & Kelly's
Recollections of Alice Springs
Charles A.v Priest
As Per Title
Recollections of Early Stanhope
John Sherman
As Per Title-History
Recording Monumental Inscriptions
Sue Mcbeth
How To? As Per Title
Records Of The Castlemaine Pioneer
As Per Title
Red Cross & Junior Red Cross
Red Cross Benalla
Newspaper Articles, Photos And Other Information
Reference Guides for BDM's Microfiche & Cd's
As Per Title & Abbreviations Place Names Victoria
Robert Mcmurray
Reflections Of Benalla Cultural/Heritage Planning
Reflections Echuca-Moama
Herald Riverina
As Per Title
Reflections of a Good Life
C & C Berry
Family History -Kilmore Area
Region 22 Rural Directory [1990]
C.F.A. Rural Fire Maps
Region 23 Rural Directory [1989]
Register & The Sesquicentenary. The (Port Phillip Pioneers Grp)
Lester A Stephen
Port Phillip Pioneers Shipping Etc
Register Of Burials Benalla C of E
Register of Church Archives
Arch Soc Church
As Per Title
Register of One Name Studies 1991 [1991]
As Per Title
Registers of Burials-Denominations
C of E- A, Pres A, R.C-A, Meth-A
Regulations And General Instructions [1950]
Ed Dept Victorian
As Per Title
Regulations under the Education Act 1872. [1872]
Reilly Family Flour Mills
Relations in Records.
Archives Australian
As Per Title in Australian Archives
Remember Them
A Guide to Wartime Heritage
Remember When [1879 - 2003]
Remembering Robert BROWN
Founder of "The Crossing Place Village"
Reminiscences of Moyston
A.w. Vanstan
As Per Title
Repining Recklessness, Diversity & Dissent [13/12/1992]
As Title -A Lecture
Reports Into March Fires [27-Dec-95]
Wingel, Ghinghil, Strathbogie
Research Outline: Germany
German Research Online
Resorce Information
Department Education
Where to Find Info on Education
Return Of The Bounty
Flagship Of the Fleet
Rev Joseph DOCKER Descendants
DOCKER Descendants
Richard Griffith & His Valuations of Ireland
Richard Griffiths
As Per Title -How to use it
Richmond,Tasmania Photographic Essay
Frank Bolt
Photographic Essay Of Tasmania
Riding With Thunderbolt-My Story
The Diary of Ben CROSS
Rigg of the Railways
Tom Rigg
Station Masters Of Victorian Railways
Rights Of Passage
Helen R Woolcock
Emigration To Australia- Mostly Queensland
Ringwood Place of Many Eagles
River King The McCulloch Carrying Co. & Echuca 1865-1898
Samuel Clyde Mcculloch
McCULLOCH Carrying Company
River of Islands NSW
Kath & Leon Bentley
Charts of Murray River Yarraweir>Hume Dam
Ian Mudie
Road Maps- Australia
Mixed Maps Australia
Robert & Maria ROGASH
Gakouski Murray
ROGASH Family History
Robert MILLER [1822-1912]
Robert MILLER Family History
Robert P LORD Family history
Cry War
A War Cry Article-Robert LORD
Robert STANLAKE Descendants
Malcolm G Horseborough
Family History & Stories of STANLAKE Family
Robert WALKER Family History
Beryl Mcfarlane
Robert WALKER Family History
Rochester State School No. 795 [1865-1990]
125th Anniversary of Rochester School
Rock Solid
Graham Downes
Story of DOWNES Family In Australia
Rodney Recollections. [1886-1986]
Brady Mcqualter
100 Years of Rodney Shire
ROGASH -LINDNER Family History
Rogash LINDNER Family History
Roget's Thesaurus
Roll Book Ballarat Pioneers
Roll Call-Sources in Australian War Memorial & Guide
Australian War Memorial Sources
Roman Catholic Church Benalla
As Per Title-Miscellaneous
Roman Catholic Church Miscellaneous
As Per Title
Roots & Branches
Errol Lee-scareet
Tracing Family History in Australia
Rose Festival
Collection of Memorabillia Re-Title
Rose Festival Miscellaneous Folder
Pamphlets and Information Sheets
Ross on the Argyle Plains
Rossmore Hospital Benalla
As Per Title
Rostrevor 1945
Rothesay-Tatongs Catholic Church
As Per Title- History
Roy Everard ROSS
Royal Australian Air Force. No. 11 Elementary Flying School Benalla
Flying Training School
Royal Britain [2013]
Brit Mag Discover
Best Places To Enjoy Royal Welcome
Royal Centenary Visit Melb 1934 [1934]
Newspaper The Star
Weekly Newspaper Special on Royalty
Royal Historical Society Victoria Members Directory [1996-1998]
Victoria R.h.s.
List Of Members Directory Societies
Royal Jubillee . Souvenir of the 1910 - 1935 [1910-1935]
Ed A Spencer
Weldon's Ladies Journal Souvenir
Royal Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Newspaper Items
Royal Tour of Australia & New Zealand [1953]
Kenneth Browne
Story in Pictures
Royal Visit to North-East Victoria [1954]
State Govt Victorian
Souvenir Of Victoria
Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire
Trust U.k. National
A Place Of Historical Interest or Natural Beauty
Rugged Lifestyles In Thoona's Early Days
As Per Title -Early Life History
Rural Churches Benalla District
As Per Title
Rural Fire Brigade Lima South [1952-1983]
June Mayne
As Per Title-Minute Books
Rusen's Report-Benalla School No. 469 [1899]
As Per Title
RYE Family data sheets
Sandra Hailey
Family Data Sheets- RYE